A Book Coaching Service for SFF writers.

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Are you a writer struggling with the fact that no one takes the time to understand your story?

Do you receive feedback based on tropes rather than what you have already put on the page?

I feel your pain, and I'm here to change that

Hi, I'm Ayesha!

Book coach, fellow writer, and SFF enthusiast


I work with SFF writers of color (or colour, depending on where you live!)

I started my writing journey in university, eager to learn anything and everything about storytelling. However, as I typed out short pieces and tried to follow writing advice, I felt something vital was missing from the words.

After years of studying craft and working in the publishing industry, I discovered the key to impactful stories was not giving readers what they want, but digging into your own experiences and passions.

As my own insights grew, and after pursuing my other passion of teaching, I’ve decided to bring everything together and become a book coach.

"Ayesha has great instincts as a book coach, and I highly recommend her! "

Ayesha's reflections were a huge help in guiding me through the polishing stage of my new manuscript and synopsis.

While working together, she exuded enthusiasm for my project while simultaneously pointing out areas in need of improvement. She was timely in her emails and professional in her manner, and thanks to her insights and support, I'm now querying agents again.

- A.B.Westrick, author of Brotherhood

"Ayesha really helped take my story to the next level!"

Ayesha has been such a positive and encouraging force. She has helped me figure out areas I needed to focus on and where and how I needed to tighten up my storyline. She also found me resources for learning how to strengthen the weaker areas of my craft, all while being encouraging and supportive.

It’s been such a pleasure to work with her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a book coach.

-Jennifer Trieckel